Legal Firms


It is not uncommon in a criminal proceeding that a lawyer may require evidences be adduced in court to support the case of his/her clients in defending themselves. In order to successfully defend oneself, it is vital to have sufficient evidence that a defendant can put forth before the court. Evidences can be factual or opinion-based. The admissibility of these evidences, especially those opinion-based, depends on its weight, which is highly dependent on decision of the judge in coram. Since the decision of the judge is highly dependent on how these opinion-based evidences are presented, supported and rationalized by an expert present in the court, the roles of an expert who serves the interests of justice as well as the rights and liberties of his clients, is of utmost importance to the case.

It is therefore our duty not only to plead for our clients’ cause but also to be their adviser in:

  • giving advice to clients on their causes of accusation in the interest of justice and fairness;
  • providing expert opinions report and services in any legal proceedings;
  • providing expert advice and opinions report for initiating magistracy appeals; and,
  • providing expert opinions and reports in civil litigation and personal injury claims / contractual damages.
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