In the light of current era-high civil and political rights of the general workforce, protection of clients/developers’ right from damages caused by their contractors is of utmost importance. Industrial accidents in construction projects as a result of negligence in exercising duty of care, in particular those involving personal injuries, are major threats to the clients/developers in terms of their assets, time, property and reputation irrespective of whether the injured person is their employee or not. Thus emerges the needs for monitoring project safety management by the clients/developers on the contractors.

We pledge to provide excellent profession services in:

  • drafting and vetting of contractual OSH requirements in pre-tendering stage;
  • assisting in assessment of contractors’ ability in managing OSH issues and providing advice on the selection of contractors before awarding contracts;
  • monitoring contractors’ safety performance throughout the construction stage by ways of client’s inspections and project safety management meetings; and,
  • providing reports for assessment of contractor’s performance and preparing information for future tendering assessment.
Our company can help you make sure that your employees work in a safe environment.

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