Insurance Companies


An upsurge in protecting their civil and political rights by the victims of workplace injuries has become an irreversible situation nowadays. Claims by the insured persons as a result of their employees being injured while they are at work have induced an immense impact on the financial situation of an insurance company. In the context of OSH, a poor performer in OSH results a higher possibility of workplace injuries and in turn a great number of claims. Hence, a genuine selection, evaluation and control of their insured companies, even though with a reduction of insurance premium as an award, can reduce the number of claims and their consequential legal and administrative expenses.

We pledge to provide excellent professional opinions and services in:

  • carrying out internal auditing to assess the safety performance of the insured companies;
  • providing audit reports which form the basis for reviewing of insurance premiums; and,
  • investigating serious workplace incidents / accidents to assess the compensability of laims and to defend in proceedings of civil litigations
We can help you provide safe environment for your employees.

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