A contractor, no matter who is responsible for a construction site or who has direct control over the construction work, is a statutory duty holder under the current OSH legislation including both the Factories and Industrial Undertakings Ordinance, Cap. 59, Occupational Safety and Health Ordinance, Cap. 509 and all their subsidiary regulations. The Labour Department, being the local administration in enforcing such OSH legislation, has been directing all her efforts on construction safety, which is well-known a hazardous trade by nature of its ever-changing work environment and its high mobility of labour. Deterrent actions by ways of inspection and special task forces are common strategies by the Labour Department to maintain a high standard of safety performance within the trade. Any accident involving injuries at work, apart from the direct and indirect costs incurred in the accident, may result in issuance of Suspension Notices, a trump card of the Labour Department. This would induce a great impact on the overall progress of the construction and the already tight schedule of contractual work. Hence, a proactive and reactive site safety management program would be of utmost importance to the project management concerned.

We pledge to provide excellent professional services in:

  • providing initial status review for early project safety management development;
  • developing safety management system both at corporate and project-based levels;
  • writing up of corporate or project based safety manual;
  • auditing corporate or project level safety management system;
  • drafting and vetting of contractors’ safety plan;
  • providing professional advice on OSH issues
  • delivering tailor-made safety management training;
  • acting as arbitrator to settle disputes between clients, developers, subcontractors, workers’ unions and pressure groups, etc
  • investigating serious accidents to differentiate liabilities on different parties on site;
  • assisting clients to meet Labour Department officials for resolution matters upon receipt of Suspension Notices from them; and,
  • writing up safe system manual for applying revocation of suspension notices.
We make sure that your empolyees are safe.

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